Links I liked…

1) Amazing and soul-stirring dance that is also part social commentary from Britain’s Got Talent

2) Where are the Atheists from Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish

3) This is why Millenials will change the world from The Washington Post’s Wonkblog (If you haven’t read Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Saveyou should)

4) Why Facebook CoFounder and Google are Giving Cash Directly to the Poor from Forbes (Oh, how I miss M-Pesa from my time in Kenya.)

5) List of new studies on access to financial services for the poor and list of new studies on whether entrepreneurship can improve the lives of the poor from Chris Blattman (these lists of studies are for my inner nerd.)

Links I liked…

1. Top 5 Regrets of the Dying from

2. Stereotyping in Europe from Marginal Revolution

3. Letter to a Young Social Entrepreneur: the poor are not the raw material for your salvation from Pioneer Post

4. 99 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier (the most brilliant household tips I’ve ever discovered…you ignore this link at your peril) from tumblr

5.  More people live in this circle than out of it